Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Tis’ The Season for Rich Red Flowers

There are many brilliant and fun ways to add warmth, coziness, and vibrancy to your home during the autumn and winter months. While seasonal decor and the glow of a fireplace will get the job done, here at Flowers by Coley, the best florist in Las Vegas, we believe nothing can quite beat the beauty, passion, joy, and allure that red flowers bring to any space. This season, we are counting down our favorite red blooms that will fit seamlessly on your holiday table or amongst treasured home decor. 

Why We Love Red Flowers

Red is arguably the most attractive color there is, making red flowers the most attractive blooms out there. In fact, red is the most visible color we can see with the human eye and the hue that babies first perceive. Fascinating! This bold and fantastic color quickly captivates our attention and sucks us in, leaving us no choice but to take a few moments to slow down and admire.

Symbolism of the Color Red

There is quite a lot of symbolism behind the color red. You may be familiar with its most common symbolic meaning of love, romance, passion, and desire, which is why we often see a lot of red around Valentine’s Day. Additionally, red signifies danger, which is why stop signs, street lights, warning signs, do not enter signs, red flags, and more are red. Power, courage, strength, and confidence are also meanings behind this exciting and energizing hue.

Warm Reds vs. Cool Reds

Red flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and shades with various undertones. If you are looking to brighten your home this season, gravitate towards red flowers with warm undertones like yellow and orange. Warm colors will energize any space with joy, excitement, cheerfulness, and positivity. On the other hand, red flowers with cool undertones, like blue and purple, are best for creating a serene, peaceful, moody, and harmonious environment.

Our Favorite Red Flowers For Warmth and Radiance


Amaryllis are spectacular flowers that are ideal for celebrating the holiday season and even substituting for red poinsettias. From bright solid colors to two-toned or striped petals, their trumpet and star-shaped blooms represent pride, commitment, confidence, determination, and love.


Red anemones with dark centers are striking! Stemming from the Greek word for “windflower,” one might describe an anemone’s petals as being delicately or gently blown open by the wind.


As the September birth flowers, asters hold a strong position as a beloved seasonal bloom. They belong to the daisy family and symbolize elegance, daintiness, devotion, and patience.


Carnations have a pretty distinct appearance with double-layered petals that looks as if they were cut with pinking shears. The crinkled edges of carnations are playful and full, yet the flower itself remains graceful and elegant.


Although the very first chrysanthemum discovered was golden yellow, these flowers bloom in a range of hues, including dazzling ruby red. Also referred to as mums or the “Queen of Fall Flowers,” these red blooms are synonymous with beauty and joy. 


“The Queen of Flowers,” roses are the most beloved bloom of all time. As one of the oldest flowers in the world, roses contain a rich history and a wealth of symbolism that goes well beyond love and romance.

Our Favorite Red Blooming Plants


For centuries, the bright, cheerful red poinsettia has been enhancing the Christmas and winter holiday seasons. With large, bold, and star-shaped red leaves mixed among contrasting green, poinsettias are a symbol of joy, community spirit, cheer, and goodwill.

Red-Blooming Holiday Plants Besides Poinsettias


Anthurium flowers bring tropical, exotic, and fun elements to fall and winter decor. Their single red waxy petal that surrounds a yellow spadix represents happiness and hospitality, perfect for welcoming guests into your home around the holidays. 

Christmas Cactus

A Christmas cactus has the ability to thrive for decades and produce blooms in shades of lovely pinks and deep reds year after year. Also known as a schlumbergera, this succulent houseplant is easy to maintain and makes a heartwarming holiday gift.


The flowers on a kalanchoe blossfeldiana, or Christmas kalanchoe, can offer their charming beauty for months and rebloom year after year. Blooming during the fall season as the holidays approach, these delightful succulents are a symbol of eternal love and persistence.


A vibrant, stylish, and contemporary way to enhance your seasonal decor is with bromeliads. With their diversity in shapes, sizes, and colors, including dazzling red, you can bring home something unique and modern to brighten your fall and winter. 

Winterberry Holly

Winterberry holly is unusual when compared to other flowers and plants on our list. In the fall, these plants discard their green leaves and uncover an enchanting and alluring display of red or gold berries that cling to each branch. In the home, winterberry holly is perfect for arranging in a vase or creating a holiday wreath or garland. 

Elevate your seasonal home decor and warm your heart with bright, cheerful red blooms and flowering plants. Red is a brilliant color for both autumn and winter as it adds a burst of energy, warmth, and excitement to any space, from the kitchen table to the living room and even your office. Start the search today for festive red flowers at Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

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