Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Posted by Alex Colmenero on June 10, 2024 | Last Updated: June 11, 2024 Uncategorized

Meaningful Flowers for Celebrating Your Entire Treasured Fam

Step into the vibrant world of floral symbolism with our go-to guide for picking the perfect blooms! From a fun “thank you both for not grounding me” to dad and mom on Mother’s and Father’s Day, to a sweet nod to gramma and grandpa on Grandparent’s Day, or a playful way to remind your siblings exactly why you’re their favorite on Siblings Day (all in good fun, we swear!), flowers are legit a great way to show you understood the assignment. At Flowers by Coley in Las Vegas, Nevada, we’re experts on which blooms will get the job done right.

Send Love & Gratitude to Your Parents

Show your folks some serious appreciation with a fresh and colorful bouquet of roses and peonies, the OG symbols of love! Along with those super robust statement blossoms, mix in many-petaled ranunculus, sweet lilies, and on-trend peach-colored flowers to add gratitude to the equation. Whether it’s for a holiday or simply a spontaneous expression of your thankfulness, these flowers will let your mom and dad know you 100 percent think they’re the best.

Show Your Respect & Admiration for Grandparents

When shopping for flowers for your sweet grandparents, stick to something classy and elegant like orchids and irises — they really zhuzh up a bouquet. Want to brighten their day with springtime energy? Gorgeous golden daffodils bring that fresh and sunny feel! And don’t sleep on purple asters; they embody royalty and tell your grandparents they’re totally the best. Altogether, this regal bouquet is all about sending some serious love and respect their way, and we love to see it!

Celebrate the Cheerfulness & Wisdom of Aunts & Uncles

Hook up your ultra-cool aunts and uncles with a bouquet full of character! Lead with striking indigo flowers — delphinium, iris, thistle, and anemone are all top picks. They’re not just eye-catching; they’re a tribute to the endless wisdom your aunts and uncles have been serving up over the years. Plus, since they’re the fun ones at every family event, include bright birds of paradise and vibrant yellow flowers that mirror their fun, sunny nature.

Thank Siblings & Cousins for Their Friendship & Strength

Want to recognize your sibs and cousins for being your anchor? Wow them with a bouquet that’s as fun-loving as they are! Go for chrysanthemums and snapdragons to reflect their enduring strength and resilience. Brighten it up with yellow blossoms and alstroemeria to celebrate your forever friendship. Cap it off with eucalyptus for that cool, fresh vibe. The result? A floral tribute that 100 percent honors your main crew’s tight bond.

Spread Peace & Positivity to Your Chosen Fam

Here’s to your chosen family — the BFFs who are like brothers and sisters from another mister; give them props with an arrangement filled with peace and love. Feature standout sunflowers and hydrangeas that have a sunny and serene aura, perfect for sprucing up any room. Sprinkle in some vibrant gerbera daisies for a burst of happiness. These flowers are all about appreciating the peace your closest friends bring to your world, and we’re down with that!

Let’s face it — our family is pretty amazing, and they deserve to know it! They’re always supporting us, so returning the favor with a sweet bouquet feels like the least we can do. At Flowers by Coley, we’ll put together something that high-key shows them how much you care.

Family ties in bloom