Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Posted by Kristy Weinzimer on March 23, 2021 Flowers Orchids Plants Spring Flowers


Spring means sweet fragrances, mood-boosting hues, and refreshing feelings. Inspired by this spring ambiance, your friends here at Flowers by Coley, the number one florist in Las Vegas, have rounded up the best spring cleaning tips. If you like out-of-the-box or eco-friendly ideas to help refresh, reorganize, and refine each room in your home, this guide to spring cleaning is for you. As flower experts, we also rounded up the perfect green plants and spring blooms that will purify and brighten your home.

Refresh Your Bathroom

Nontoxic and chemical-free cleaning products are a great way to give your bathroom the spring refresh it needs. If you love a good DIY, try mixing distilled water and white vinegar for an all-purpose bathroom cleaner. Additionally, if spring cleaning means getting rid of old clothes, then don’t throw them away just yet. After you’ve reorganized your closet, use your old t-shirts as rags for cleaning your bathroom. This not only eliminates the use of chemical-filled wipes but also reduces waste and trash from paper towels. Hit two birds with one stone for an eco-friendly and clean home. 

Refresh with Flowers

Another way to rid your bathroom of chemicals and toxins is to swap air fresheners, such as plug-ins and aerosols, for fresh flowers and vibrant green plants. While their natural beauty is welcoming and inviting, these plants can also work to purify the air in your bathroom and give off a sweet scent. Learn more about our favorites that can help refresh your bathroom decor.

  • Eucalyptus: Adds a refreshing and earthy mint scent
  • Peace Lily: Bring serenity into your bathroom while purifying the air
  • Tulips: An uplifting bloom to signify happiness
  • Carnations: A bright symbol of purity

Reorganize Your Bedroom

Unless you have a hard time closing your closet doors, it might be a good idea to put “reorganizing your clothes” on hold for a just moment. This spring, “spark joy” by decluttering the spaces that you can see as well as the space underneath your bed for a restful night’s sleep. To make your bedroom the relaxing sanctuary you need it to be, grab your wastebasket and toss out papers, old notes, trash, and other clutter that has proven to be useless this past year. When it comes to decluttering underneath your bed, keep it free of luggage, shoes, work materials, and any other items that could keep you “sleeping on your problems.”

Reorganize with Flowers

As your bedroom is the number one place you go to recharge, lift your mood, and feel warm, cozy, homey feelings, add a pop of spring floral to help promote these things. Flowers have the ability to brighten our space in addition to our moods, which means you can say “goodbye” to any signs of season depression that the winter months may have brought. Breathe in a warm, refreshing, and sweet smell of spring with your favorite blooms.

  • Sunflowers: Spark feelings of happiness and gratitude
  • Gerbera Daisies: A cheerful burst and colorful bloom
  • Daffodils: A wonderful mood booster
  • Hyacinths: Sweet scents and lovely colors that inspire joy

Refine Your Kitchen

Upgrade your kitchen in a way that’s cost-efficient, adds a hint of your own personal style, and promotes effective use of your space. It may seem like hitting all of these points in one spring is easier said than done, but let’s start with the basics. Before you add anything to the countertops, make sure small kitchen appliances, spices, and other items are stored away. Then, display some lovely and useful canisters or meaningful decor items in their place.

Refine with Flowers

We also love a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers to bring joy into our kitchen. A few of our favorite places to see spring blooms are on the windowsill where they get a lot of sunlight, on the kitchen counters to brighten the space with color, or as an elegant centerpiece on the dining table. The best finishing touch to help refine your home is always a little floral.

  • Peonies: Add a touch of grace
  • Sweet Peas:  A sweet and gentle reminder of gratitude
  • Hydrangea: Uplifting and calming
  • Orchids: Associated with elegance and refinement

Here at Flowers by Coley, we know you will find the perfect green plants and spring flowers to prepare for a warm, vibrant, and relaxing season ahead. Whether you are looking for a purifying green plant or a mood-boosting burst of color, we have you covered.