Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Posted by Kristy Weinzimer on November 19, 2020 | Last Updated: May 28, 2021 Weddings

Advice from the Experts: How to Plan a Wedding in Las Vegas

How do you begin planning a wedding in Las Vegas? There are so many factors to consider, from choosing the perfect venue to getting the food just right. Do you want a romantic desert elopement or a speedrun at the nearest chapel? We reached out to real live experts who help put together and document the most breathtaking, ambitious, fun — and even quirky — Las Vegas weddings on the regular! Elvis officiant optional. Read below for real advice from the experts!

Las Vegas Welcome Sign against purple night sky

Las Vegas Welcome Sign

Q: What is your best piece of advice for someone looking to plan a wedding in Las Vegas?


Kelly at Little Vegas Wedding

One of the most important things I think you need to consider about your Vegas wedding is photography. It documents and cements your memories of the day and the distinction between good photos and fantastic photos can make a difference years down the road. Photography is also often a deciding factor in some Vegas wedding venues. Some do not allow external photographers (even for a fee!) so if you have been eyeing a talented photographer on Instagram and have your heart set on them, it may be best to plan your ceremony and reception around that instead of choosing the venue first, and then finding out your chosen photographer can’t document the most important parts of your wedding. 


Nicole Day at Cactus Canyon Events

Do what you want when it comes to your big day. Do not let anyone else dictate what you want for this special day. It is so important to remember who the day is about. If you want to have pizza on your wedding day. Go ahead and check out one of the amazing food trucks in downtown Vegas. Do you want Elvis to be your officiant and then roll off in a pink Cadillac? Sounds good to me. But it has to be what you want at the end of the day. Explore some really amazing places in Vegas. We have amazing locations that can host your wedding ranging from Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, or even the Neon Museum. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what Vegas has to offer. 

Bride adn groom walking toward sunsert in las vegas

Photo: Jessie Emeric at The Emerics Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom standing outdoors in Las Vegas desert

Photo: Jessie Emeric at The Emerics Wedding Photography

Jessie Emeric at The Emerics Wedding Photographers

As a wedding photographer in Las Vegas for the past 11 years, I have lots of advice for someone who’s planning a wedding here.  However, if I had to choose just one piece of advice, it would be to consider the lighting, not just during your ceremony, if it will be outdoors, but even more importantly, the lighting during your portrait session. A lot of couples say they want a romantic sunset ceremony, but they don’t realize that they’ll then have to plan for photos before the ceremony in brighter, maybe harsher light or have photos done at night. Ideally, I recommend couples plan for a ceremony 1.5 hours before sunset, so they can have the best of that pretty golden hour light for their portraits immediately following the ceremony.  


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