Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

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Aside from your warm thoughts and sweet love, flowers are overflowing with meaning. History, stories, and symbolism add another impressive layer to these breathtaking blooms that are often overlooked. Did you know that the nickname “moth orchids” was given to Phalaenopsis Orchids in the mid-1750s as a Swedish Naturalist mistook these flowers for a cluster of moths? Another fun fact is that many highly regarded individuals have Dendrobium Orchids named after them, including Margaret Thatcher, Joe and Jill Biden, and Jane Goodall. 

The symbolism of orchids is truly inspiring when choosing the perfect blooms for friends, significant others, parents, or even respected teachers and bosses. In China, Cymbidium Orchids are a popular flower for friends to send to one another as these fresh flowers symbolize valued and respected friendships. Learn about the deeper meanings behind this marvelous flower as your friends here at Flowers by Coley, the best florist in Las Vegas, share more orchid symbolism below.

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Meaning and Symbolism of Orchids


Did you know the ancient Greeks relied on the size of an orchid’s tuberous roots to predict whether a woman was going to give birth to a boy or girl? As a symbol of fertility, orchids are also displayed in many homes and businesses in Japan as the meaning translates to “good fortune” in both their personal and professional lives. Pink orchids are especially meaningful to celebrate newborns or mothers and fathers-to-be.


A flower so unique, lovely, and meaningful is nothing sort of charming. So, it makes sense that orchids are a symbol of charm. Treat your significant other or even your secret crush, to a wonderful arrangement of orchids to sweeten their day.


In comparison to the representation of charm, orchids also symbolize love due to their historical rarity. With red orchids connected to passion, pink meaning romance, purple orchids symbolizing admiration, and lavender linking to elegance, you’ll have the ultimate orchid bouquet to express your deepest feelings. Display these inspiring blooms on their own or pair them with other romantic flowers like roses, tulips, or carnations.


Even though “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” there’s no arguing when orchids are truly a symbol for beauty, specifically white and blue orchids. Dating back to the Victorian Era, orchids have been treasured and admired for centuries. Today, orchids are the perfect flower for the people you admire and believe are the most beautiful inside and out.


There’s no doubt our society sees the upper class as having the most refined taste, and this was no different in the Victorian Ages. As the royal and wealthy families obsessed over orchids, they quickly became a symbol of refinement as well. Today, this meaning of orchids still holds true, especially as purple orchids represent royalty, admiration, and respect.


Orchids are an uncommon bloom when compared to red roses, white lilies, or pink tulips. Therefore, they hold significant meaning when included in bouquets and arrangements or given on their own to loved ones. This extra consideration is why orchids are a symbol of thoughtfulness. Select some blue orchids the next time you want to give your sweetheart, or yourself, something unique but still beautiful.

With an array of symbols, orchids can be the perfect bloom for almost any occasion. Find the best ones here at Flowers by Coley, and make your celebration just as breathtaking as the flowers. From their inspiring meaning to your new wealth of floral knowledge, your loved ones will admire your thoughtfulness as well as the orchids in the arrangements.