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You don't have to be sitting in Caribbean sand to enjoy a slice of the tropics today. Send someone special a slice of paradise with a tropical flower bouquet from Flowers by Coley! Same-day delivery available to Las Vegas & cities nationwide. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. Browse birds of paradise, anthuriums, orchids, ginger, bromeliads, lilies and more! Read more about tropical flower varieties in our FAQ below!


Flowers by Coley carries exotic ginger, anthuriums, birds of paradise, tropical palms and other greenery, protea, calla lilies, different varieties of orchids and more! Interested in sending someone special a specific kind of tropical flower? Just give us a call!

Birds of paradise flowers are called such because their orange and blue flower petals resemble the wings of a bird in flight! The male greater bird-of-paradise bird itself has voluminous orange-yellow plumage, so you can see the resemblance!

Protea flowers symbolize ingenuity, new beginnings, courage and strength. These striking flowers are a unique addition to any exotic flower bouquet.

Your potted bromeliad plant is a low-maintenance exotic plant that will last a long time if cared for properly! Bromeliads like humidity, so keep it away from the direct airflow of A/C units when the plant is indoors. Water enough to keep the soil slightly moist but not over-saturated. Over-saturation can cause root rot. No special food or fertilizer required. Enjoy your bromeliad beauty in the months and years ahead!

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