Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Posted by Kristy Weinzimer on September 27, 2021 Autumn Fall Flowers Flower Gifts Flowers Holiday Flowers Plants Thanksgiving

Classic Fall Blooms in Favorite Fall Hues

Mother Nature has certainly mastered the art of setting the perfect mood and tone for each season and graces us with beautiful natural scenery to match. From fall foliage to autumn produce, and even the color of your favorite hot coffee or pumpkin spice latte influences the trending hues of the season. As you look around your surroundings you are sure to also find the perfect fall flowers that also emulate these up-and-coming hues. The experts here at Flowers by Coley, the best florist in Las Vegas, are sharing the autumn blooms we love most with fabulous colors that inspire the latest seasonal fashion styles and home décor trends.

What Colors Are in Season?


Autumn roses are those that bloom in shades of passionate red, energetic orange, delightful yellow, and pure white. While roses can be admired, displayed, and celebrated all year round, there is something special about displaying this certain collection of roses in your home during the fall season. They also make for the perfect host/hostess gift!


 Chrysanthemums represent happiness, longevity, joy, and love, and are an autumn bloom that surely cannot be missed. These “autumn queens” can be found blooming all over town in shades of purple, red, orange, and yellow, bringing the trending colors of the season to life. Whether the mums on your neighbor’s front porch catch your eye or you marvel at these classic fall flowers in your own home, their full, daisy-like petals bring a fresh fall feeling to the air.


Did you know that sunflowers bloom in more colors than just their signature sunny yellow? Sunflowers are a favorite fall flower but color the world in more autumn hues like sweet pink, luxurious purple, natural brown, deep red, and crisp white. Fear not, regardless of the tint of their petals, sunflowers remain a positive symbol of growth, inspiration, peace, strength, joy, love, and optimism. 


Autumn is certainly the “golden hour” of seasons, as we transition from hot, sunny summer days to colder, earlier sunsets in winter. The autumn color palette is also rich in golden hues from fall vegetables like squash and corn to golden fall foliage. Among the gold that Mother Nature produces this time of year is goldenrod, a fluffy yellow wildflower that is a wonderful addition to any autumn arrangement.


The warm hues and tones of the fall season can easily be found in the petals of marigolds. These autumn favorites find their way into many seasonal bouquets, porch pots, and flower beds and paint the world in vibrant and uplifting orange, yellow, and red. Since they are also October’s official birth flower, marigolds are an ideal flower to celebrate autumn birthdays.

From fall foliage to autumn sweaters and the glow of your fireplace to hot lattes, the trending hues and colors of autumn can be found in many places that allow us to find warmth and comfort. While fresh fall flowers offer these feelings as well, their positively uplifting vibes and mood-boosting petals are like no other. To elevate your home decor this season with autumn blooms, Flowers by Coley is the place to go. 

An Assortment of orange roses, burgundy dahlias, peach stock with fillers and fall greens in a wood box.

Falling Into Autumn

This arrangement includes sunflowers and dahlias with green dianthus and tropical leaves in a wooden box.

Pumpkin Spice