Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Posted by Kristy Weinzimer on January 19, 2021 | Last Updated: January 28, 2021 Flowers Gifts Love and Romance Roses Valentine's Day


How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love if you can’t spend the day together? Luckily we have a few romantics on our team at Flowers by Coley in Las Vegas. We’ve taken the time to create a list of thoughtful gestures and meaningful gifts for you to send right to your Valentine’s door.

Six Perfect Gestures To Show Your Love And Admiration

“What I Love About You” Book

If your Valentine loves to cuddle up with their favorite book, they are sure to adore one that was written by their favorite guy or gal. Find a “What I Love About You” book to answer prompts and fill in the blanks with every sweet word you can think of. Your partner will love nothing more than to read your precious words over and over. It’s a romantic gesture that they can revisit whenever they need an encouraging word or simply to enjoy your love.

Custom Mug

A custom gift is always a winner, especially if your partner loves their coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. By personalizing a cozy mug, you’ll be there in spirit as they warm up with their hot beverage each morning. Make it even more romantic by choosing a treasured photo, or make them chuckle with a sweet joke.


A perfect gift is one that your partner can incorporate into their daily life. They’ll love being reminded of your love as they go about their day. A fun cookbook is a unique way to spice up their routine, and maybe your long-distance romance as well. Get a copy for yourself and pick new recipes to try together or plan virtual cooking dates.

Framed Map

More than a piece of art to hang on the wall, a framed map is a perfect token of love for your honey. This map will hold a precious meaning to the two of you, like the location of where you met, enjoyed your first date, or are currently living. It’ll be a sweet reminder that you’ll soon be together again. As you’ll both know the significance of this special location, it’ll become even more romantic if others don’t quite understand. It’s certainly unique to your love.

Cozy Throw or Weighted Blanket

A not so obvious romantic gesture, a cozy throw or weighted blanket is the perfect way to say, “I love you” or “I miss you.” Since you’re unable to enjoy cuddles on the couch together or hug your sweetheart at night, this might be an ideal substitute in your absence. While you’re apart, your partner can be wrapped up in your love as they think sweet thoughts of you throughout the night.

Let someone special know how much their love means to you by sending them this truly original arrangement

Never Let Go

Make their day a little brighter with a traditional bouquet of elegant red roses. Perfectly arranged in a modern vase and accented with hints of lavender, our “Never Let Go” arrangement is as romantic as any. Your Valentine will enjoy having these fresh blooms in their home and smile as they know they’ve been chosen especially for them.

Sending romantic gestures and thoughtful gifts to your significant other lets them know your love is still burning bright. Remind them that they mean the world to you, you know what they like and need, and that they’ve constantly been on your mind. Your perfect gift will be received with nothing less than gratitude, trust us. Our team at Flowers by Coley has seen it all.