Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Flowers by Coley Las Vegas

Sweet Ways to Celebrate Romance Month Every Day in August

Why is August the National Romance Month?

That’s right! August is National Romance Month, and Romance Awareness Day is August 14th – exactly six months from Valentine’s Day. National Romance Month serves as a prompt to check in on your relationship; it’s also a reminder to celebrate love and intimacy with your partner throughout the year, not just on Valentine’s Day. The timing couldn’t be better as August is nestled between the winding down of summer vacations and activities and the wind-up to the Holiday season. It’s a moment of respite and the perfect month to focus on your relationship.

How to Observe National Romance Month

Use this time to take a pause in your busy life to appreciate your partner, show gratitude, and enjoy the closeness and companionship you have. Do this by making an effort to be more romantic and create special moments that will reaffirm your love for each other. For inspiration on romantic activities to do during National Romance Month, keep reading! The romance and flower experts at Flowers by Coley are happy to share our top romantic tips, ideas, and flowers to keep your love burning bright.

Let her know that you are always hers by sending this enchanting rose bouquet. It offers red roses for romance, white roses for loyalty, and coral to convey desire. What's more, this stunning arrangement is elegantly hand-delivered in a silver mercury glass hurricane vase.


Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Romance Month

Greeting With Holidays. Smiling black man covering his woman eyes and giving her bunch of red roses, making surprise to beautiful lady. African american couple celebrating together at home or cafe

Bring Home a Bouquet of Gorgeous, Fresh Flowers

Whether it’s one day this month or one day each week in August, surprise your significant other with a dazzling bouquet of flowers rich in romantic symbolism. Turn to blooms like roses, pink hydrangeas, sunflowers, daisies, lilies, orchids, and alstroemeria to show your support, devotion, passion, sincerity, adoration, gratitude, and love.

young couple enjoying a romantic dinner by candlelight, outdoor

Have a Nice Dinner Out

Dinner dates are a wonderful way to honor Romance Month. Make a reservation at their favorite restaurant, dress up, bring them flowers, and enjoy a night out on the town. Turn a regular Wednesday night into a romantic and memorable evening.

Enjoying a great comedy. A couple laughing and watching a movie together at the cinema.

See a Comedy Show

There is nothing more joyful and bonding than laughing with your partner. Attending a live comedy show is undoubtedly a fun date idea, as it allows you to get out of the house together, dress up, and enjoy each other’s company.

Senior Couple Having Fun In Busy Bar

See a Live Band

Check out local bands and live music in your area and take your partner dancing. Discover new music or sing along to your favorite songs together. Release “feel good” endorphins as you dance, sing, and jam side by side

Get a Couples Massage

Plan an afternoon of pampering for you and your significant other to relax and de-stress. With a calm, soothing, and meditative mood to the day, you will both feel amazing, rejuvenated, and ready to prioritize your relationship.

Stay Connected With Romantic Gestures

No matter how long you have been in a relationship with your partner, it is always important to continue to impress and woo them. However, this doesn’t mean you need to plan extravagant dates every weekend. Instead, you need to do little things every day to let them know you still adore them, see them, hear them, appreciate them, and love them.

Small Romantic Gestures that Make a BIG Impact:

  • Holding hands
  • Leaving love notes
  • Watching a movie together
  • Checking in with each other during the day
  • A daily “good morning” kiss
  • Saying “good night” every night
  • A shoulder rub
  • Flowers “just because”
Who's the fairest of them all? This snow-white bouquet. A stunning statement of your purest love, this mix of hydrangea and lilies in a Couture vase will take their heart away.


Embrace Romance

Embracing romance doesn’t mean you need to plan grand and elaborate dates every night, although everyone loves a special date night. Embracing romance also means showing love, affection, and dedication to your partner every day in little yet meaningful ways. To turn up the romance this August, Flowers by Coley is here with elegant and luxurious flowers, perfect for your significant other.

“Flowers don’t tell, they show.”

Turn up the heat this Romance Month